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Sports Massage

Pre-Competition Massage has a great influence on physical and psychological status of the athlete prior to the competition. Massage can be stimulating, beneficial for the athlete that has difficulty in warm up in bringing his/her body to a full competitive assertiveness. 

Between Performance Massage is used when one athletic performance is followed by another in a relatively short time (tournaments, multiple heats, qualifications, etc).  It helps to prepare

the athlete for further performance by reducing fatigue and soreness.

Post Competition Massage helps to improve the performance of athletes, rehabilitate from exercise stress, eliminate side effects, and to prevent sports-related injuries.

$90.00 1 hr      $130.00 1.5 hour      $170.00 2 hour

Sports Massage can cover the entire body or specific areas depending on the training protocol.  The goal is to establish optimal muscle tone and appropriate biomechanical ranges of motion as related to the specific sport.  Different massage techniques can result in stimulation and positive psychological effect.  Sports massage allows the athlete to train harder for longer periods and get fit faster without the usual injury dramas.  It also helps alleviate annoying muscle pain, stiffness and other soft-tissue injuries during training and can extend your athletic career.   
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